Get up and Glo

Become a Gloganix Independent Distributor

Our Distributors

Gloganix offers distributors the opportunity to purchase our products at a highly discounted rate for resale, to build a business of their own. Whether you want to provide natural products to salons, friends, classmates, colleagues or stores, we allow our distributors to be their own boss. Become a part of the Gloganix family and support our cause of providing customers with 100% natural ingredients to detoxify and oxygenize their skin.


Be your own boss

How it works

1. Review and agree to our distributor contract.

2. Purchase discounted products for resale.

3. Receive free samples of our products and informative materials.

4. Place Gloganix orders and earn100% of the profit margin.

Bonus Potential

Distributors will be given a promo code to use on social media. Any orders that come through with the promo code, will result in an additional payout. Amount will be specified in contract.